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How to present your CV and cover letter

Writing a CV can be a daunting task. It is crucial that it presents the best you have to offer. Potential employers use this to make their first impressions about you and you will want to ensure these impressions are positive. When sending your CV it is necessary to include a covering letter. A great cover letter is an excellent chance to summarise your skills and can help differentiate you from your competition. This letter should be a brief introduction to let the potential employer know which position you are applying for and your interest in applying for this job. Ensure you tailor your cover letter for each role. The following points should be included on your resume

  • Personal Details
  • Education and Qualifications
  • Professional Experience
  • Reference Details
  • Computer Skills.

General Tips:

  • Use simple and clear fonts, limit usage of bold, underlining and italics
  • Bullet points can help limit word usage and make it easy to read
  • Check your CV thoroughly for spelling and grammatical errors before sending it out
  • Keep your resume as concise as possible
  • Gaps in your resume should be explained and always be honest
  • Ensure your resume is updated prior to sending it out.

Successful interviewing begins with preparation

  • Make sure you have researched the company and have a clear understanding of the role.
  • Make sure you are punctual and arrive a few minutes early.
  • Switch off your mobile phone
  • Relax and have confidence in your research and preparation
  • Dress appropriately and give a firm handshake
  • Wait for the interviewer to offer you a chair
  • Let the interviewer lead the conversation
  • Sell yourself and why you believe you would be suitable for the position
  • Maintain eye contact and look alert and interested
  • Thank the interviewer for their time and express your interest and enthusiasm
  • Make a positive last impression